Minx Mogul continues to be innovative and truly committed to the best of the microblading industry...read full story
Melissa Ouimette Melissa Ouimette
Thanks to Minx Mogul for the industry-leading knowledge and training. Given the expertise from both Kathryn and Merri, I was able to open this on my own...read full story
Nikki Son Nikki Son
One of the best decisions I’ve ever made was training with Minx Mogul and having them in my corner as my perfect little cheer squad...read full story
Carrie Hampton Carrie Hampton
FAVS are the Tattoo Candy Cream and Gel! The Hydrate It is also amazing when soft shading is required...read full story
Sally Choi Sally Choi
My favorite Minx Mogul product is the Tattoo Candy Cream, I looked long and hard for a good anesthetic but nothing beats this cream!...read full story
Storie Myers Storie Myers
I love Minx Mogul. I cannot say enough good things about these products. Not only is the packaging darling, but you really do get top quality products...read full story
Liz Hyatt Liz Hyatt
After my first phone conversation with Kathryn, I immediately noticed that Minx Mogul has a sincere interest in seeing their artists blossom and they truly appreciate our business...read full story
Tiffany Nicole Tiffany Nicole
I look for products that make my job easier and provide the best desired results for my clients, which is why I choose Minx Mogul's pigment line...read full story
Daisy Finder Daisy Finder
I love the pigments Minx Mogul offers. The color selection may be small, but they make the most beautiful customizable color options endless...read full story
Jody Rivera Jody Rivera
I've been using Minx Mogul for a few months now and really enjoy their new Creme Colors for Microblading. The Coffee Creme is probably my go to color...read full story
Jody Rivera Sasha Klein
It's just amazing... These ladies in Minx Mogul are angels... I'm a happy and proud user of there pigments and devices. Thank you Minx Mogul!
Ellie Ellie
Customer service is quick, responsive and informative. Kathryn, one of the founders, proved her knowledge of her products and was a pleasure to talk to...read full story
ani.jpg Neena Jay
Minx Mogul is at the top of my list for suppliers! Not only are their pigments gorgeous, but I can find almost all the supplies I need on their website alone. Super convenient!...read full story
Jessica Davila Jessica Davila
They will stay on long enough to get your permanent marks in the skin. I looove them!...read full story
Janie Winters Janie Winter
A big THANKS to Kathryn Alexander for taking the time to talk to me. I am a new PMU and have feel in love with this company and its videos.