Minx Mogul is a Permanent Makeup Supply and Training company. We are located in sunny Southern California in Tustin, Orange County. We not only sell the best permanent makeup products and offer training, but our team of artists also provide their expert services right here in our facility.

Merri Cinquina is the Minx Mogul Director of Education and has been a professional Esthetician and Permanent Makeup Artist for over 20 years. Juliana Cox is our in-house Permanent Makeup Artist and offers her talents to the younger residents of Southern California.

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Minx Mogul Talent

Merri Cinquina

Minx Mogul Merri Cinquina

Having been in the beauty industry for over two decades, my passion is all about skin and making it as beautiful as it is meant to be. Whether I am rejuvenating skin through CIT (my favorite anti-aging treatment) or am enhancing your natural beauty with permanent makeup, my clients are my first focus. I can help you understand your skin and teach you how to keep it looking as healthy as possible!

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Juliana Cox

Minx Mogul Juliana Cox

I have always loved the beauty industry--in particular the art of makeup. As a child I gave my friends makeovers; then as a college student I became the go-to person for applying makeup for girls preparing for school banquets or special dates. Working as the assistant to Minx Mogul CEO, Kathryn Alexander, I was introduced to how truly beautiful permanent makeup can be.

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