Merri Cinquina

Minx Mogul Merri Cinquina

Having been in the beauty industry for over two decades, my passion is all about skin and making it as beautiful as it is meant to be. Whether I am rejuvenating skin through CIT (my favorite anti-aging treatment) or am enhancing your natural beauty with permanent makeup, my clients are my first focus. I can help you understand your skin and teach you how to keep it looking as healthy as possible!

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Permanent Makeup Services

All Permanent Makeup prices include two (2) separate sessions which include the intial procedure and the touchup procedure approximately 4-6 weeks later.

Permanent Eyebrows · $650.00

You know how long it takes to draw eyebrows everyday, sometimes multiple times in a day. They wash out, they fade, they just don't last. Stop spending time and effort to draw temporary brows that will look different every time!

Permanent Eyebrows are one of the greatest beauty services available. You will have beautiful brows that perfectly match your hair and skin, look gorgeous, and won't fade or wash out!

Whether using a digital device or a manual hand tool, I can give you beautifully shaped brows that will last for years with only a few touchup sessions in between. The only regret you'll have is not getting these done sooner!

Permanent Eyeliner · $550.00

You like eyeliner because it's subtle, but is a wonderful enhancement that people will notice. You have beautiful eyes but applying eyeliner every day is a hassle.

Getting Permanent Eyeliner is one of easiest ways to wake up looking and feeling amazing every day. These won't wash off and will last for a few years with only a few touch up sessions to keep the colour looking fresh.

You'll be provided with a complete aftercare kit and instructions so that you can keep your skin in the best condition so the eyeliner heals perfectly.

Anti-Aging Services

Microneedling (CIT) & Therapeutic Facial · $320.00

This is a medical innovation in facial rejuvenation with virtually no downtime. The procedure incorporates adult human stem cells and pure hyaluronic acid. This combination stimulate new collagen and elastin production enhancing the areas of the face, neck, decollete and hands. It is suitable for all skin types. Especially effective when combined with consisten use of adult stem cell serums.

  • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
  • Softens the adverse appearance of surgical and acne scarring
  • Diminishes stretch marks, hyperpigmentation and melasma
  • Halts the early signs of aging
  • The result is beautiful skin with a youthful glow

Esthetic Services

Therapeutic Facial · $85.00 (1 Hour)

Double-cleanse under steam, exfoliating enzyme treatment, extraction, mask expressly for your skin needs, shoulder/neck massage, moisturizer and eye treatment. Your skin will feel deeply cleansed and fully hydrated.

Acne Facial · $110.00 (1 Hour, 15 Minutes)

Double-cleanse under steam, exfoliating enzyme treatment, extraction, French clay mask with green tea, shoulder/neck massage, oil-free moisturizer and eye treatment. This facial includes dietary education with simple homecare follow-up directions.

Facial Infusion · $145.00 (1 Hour, 15 Minutes)

Therapeurtic Facial, plus a non-inflammartory, stable form of Vitamin A and antioxidants infused deep into the dermal layers of the skin. This epcial combination formula promotes Collagen and Elastin production. This remakrably holistic approach to anti-aging also visibly diminishes hyperpigmentation. The results are beautiful, radiant skin!

Microcurrent Therapy · $140.00 (1 Hour, 15 Minutes)

The procedure starts with a Therapeutic Facial. It is followed by a sub-sensory stimulation that clears energy blockages, tightens and "reeducates" facial muscles. Think nonsurgical facelift with no down time! The result is a rejuvenated facial contour that is youthful and uplifted. A commitment of 8-sessions is strongly recommended for optimum results. Treatment packages are offered at a discounted rate.

Microdermabrasion · $85.00 (40 Minutes)

This is a minimally abrasive treatment that lightly sands damaged skin due to scarring, discoloration, sun damage and stretch marks. Also works in reducing large pores. The result is a rejuvenated skin with an overall smoother appearance.

Skin-Friendly Acid Peel · $125.00 (1 Hour, 15 Minutes)

This procedure includes the Therapeutic Facial plus lactic acide, kojic acid, hyaluronic acid, and licorice root applied and massaged into the skin. This self-neutralizing peel works to lighten and brighten hyperpigmentation, normalizing skin tone for a tighter and smoother complexion.

Back Treatment · $115.00 (1 Hour)

Double-cleanse under steam, exfoliating enzyme treatment, light pumice scrub, extraction and a mask expressly for your skin needs. Finished with a moisturizer gently massaged into the back, neck and shoulders.

Meridian Facial · $115.00 (1 Hour)

This holistic facial treatment diminishes physical signs of stress and energy imbalance. It clears the invisible pathways of energy that flow through the body's meridians while promoting inner health and well-being. Through a series of "cupping" techniques, facial circulation is dramatically restored toning the muscles and draining stagnation. The end results are enhanced circulation, radiance, tone, texture and defined facial contours.

Just-For-Men Facial · $115.00 (1 Hour)

Men need to focus on skin blemishes before anyone else does! Men generally have more skin maladies from sweaty sport activities, outdoor careers and years of facial neglect. This procedure uses products specially formulated for men's thicker skin. Double-cleanse under steam, exfoliating enzyme tratment, extraction of blackheads, whiteheads and clogged pores, mask expressly for your skin needs, shoulder/neck massage, moisturizer and eye treatment.

Waxing Procedures

Eyebrow waxing includes shape design and final perfecting tweezing. Full Face waxing includes eyebrows.

Only the finest Italian wax is used for all waxing procedures.

Upper Lip · $10.00
Eyebrows · $18.00
Eyebrows & Upper Lip · $24.00
Underarms · $22.00
Bikini · $36.00
Full Face · $52.00