How To Use Tattoo Candy

Product Discussion

Watch this video to learn more about our Candy Numb products.

Product Demo

Check out this product demo from our Artist, Emily Sands. She works with both Traditional Body Tattoos and Cosmetic Tattoos.

You've heard of world famous Tattoo Candy Numb Cream and Gel, but how do you use them? The dynamic duo is super easy to use and your clients will love it!

Why 2 Products?

We have our Tattoo Candy Numb Cream and Tattoo Candy Numb Gel because there are 2 distinct stages in any tattooing procedure.

Stage 1: Before the skin is broken.
Stage 2: After the skin is broken.

Our Tattoo Candy Numb Cream is specifically formulated to work on closed skin, or skin that has not been penetrated by a needle. The Cream is thick, yet easy to apply and it won't smear your outlines.

Our Tattoo Candy Numb Gel is made to work on open skin, or skin that has been broken by a needle. The Gel is liquid, but of a perfect consistency so it won't drip anywhere.

Using The Cream

Apply a layer of cream over the area where you will be working. DO NOT rub into the skin. Just coat a layer of Cream and wait for 15 minutes to let the area numb. Some artists like to wait 20 minutes, but that's personal preference.

We do not recommend occluding large areas by using plastic wrap over the Cream.

Once the 15-20 minutes have passed, your client will be numb so you can work your first pass right over the Cream.

Using The Gel

Apply a small amount of Gel to clean, broken skin after your first pass and each major pass following.

Let is absorb for 3-5 minutes in the open skin and your client will remain numb throughout.