About Minx Mogul

The Minx Mogul brand has existed for only the last two years, but has grown exponentially since its inception due to a combination of factors including the 30 years of PMU experience from founder, Kathryn Alexander, and a growing base of loyal customers who rave about our products.

We believe that quality products and customer service are the essential elements needed to build a strong business foundation which is why we only sell products we would use on our own clients.

We have been using our own line of PMU Pigments for 30 years because the colors are rich, simple, and stand the test of time unlike other pigments which discolor and fade to unnatural blues and pinks.

We have used our own Tattoo Candy Topical Numbing Anesthetics for the last 10 years because every topical we used prior would not work as well as we hoped. With our Tattoo Candy topicals, clients feel no pain and can look forward to their great results because they are calm and collected during their procedures.

Once our artists try our branded PMU Pigments and Tattoo Candy topicals, they don't try anything else simply because there is nothing left to look for after they found the best products for their business.

As much as we like to speak to the quality of our products and customer service, the voice of our artists are more convincing. Visit our Pigment Gallery to see testimonies from our customers who love our PMU and Microblading pigments.

Benefits of Being a Minx Mogul Distributor

As a distributor, you will represent quality, USA made products from a fast growing brand that has years of experience in the PMU industry.

You will receive full support from our dedicated team and will receive access to our marketing assets for our Minx Mogul branded Pigments and Topicals.

We will feature and support you through our social media outlets and our website.

All our Minx Mogul branded products are sent to our Distributors packaged, shrink wrapped, and labeled with lot numbers and expiry dates. All you have to do is sell it!

Why Become a Minx Mogul Distributor?

Minx Mogul is an international brand with clients all over the world! We are based in California, USA, but we sell our products to artists and estheticians in countries that include Canada, Mexico, China, Philippines, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, France, and Italy among others!

What does this mean to you? It means that our customers would buy from local Distributors to save money on customs fees and long distance shipping.

There are so many artists and estheticians in other countries already committed to the Minx Mogul brand, but are looking for local merchants who can sell our products while saving them money on expensive shipping fees.

This is how you make money as a Distributor. You buy Minx Mogul branded products at distribution price, take it to your region, and sell it to artists who want to save on shipping and customs. Everyone wins in the end!

How To Become a Minx Mogul Distributor

In order to qualify to become an official Minx Mogul Distributor, you must meet certain minimum orders over a specified period of time. The minimum orders include only our Minx Mogul branded pigments and our Minx Mogul Tattoo Candy branded topical anesthetics.

Contact us to learn more about the minimums you must meet to become a Distributor.

Where Can You Sell Minx Mogul Products?

As an official Minx Mogul Distributor, you will be able to sell our products online, in a brick and mortar shop, and rep our products directly to professional industry artists. Wherever you're looking to do business, we can help make it happen!

Current Minx Mogul Distributors

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Minx Brows

Pickture Perfect Brows

Brows and Company

Center For Permanent Makeup

Canadian Beauty College

Sakura Bloom Beauty