Color Matching

You've seen our 6 Microblading Pigments and 2 Modifiers, but how do you use them?

The diagram below will be your ultimate guide to Color Matching for all your microblading needs!

Here's how the diagram works. The left column shows the Color Cremes as they exist without any modifiers. The middle column shows the Color Cremes when modified by Hot Fix. The right column shows the Color Cremes when modified by Warm It Up.

Which Modifier Do I Use?

Hot Fix: Use for darker hair (like brunettes).
Warm It Up: Use for lighter hair (like blondes).

What Are The Color Characteristics?

Beige Blonde: Neutral
Truly Taupe: Cool
Coffee: Warm
Sienna Brown: Warm
Dark Chocolate: Neutral
Espresso: Cool

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Minx Mogul Microblading Color Matching