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Why We Have Two Pigment Formulas

Many artists have asked us recently, "Why do you have two different formulas for the same color eyebrow pigment?" This is a topic we considered when creating our eyebrow pigment line so let's dive deeper into the reasons why we have two versions of the same color.

Why We Have Two Pigment Formulas for the same Colors

Two Different Tools, Two Different Colors

The primary reason why we have two formulas for the same color is that we work with two different tools when creating permanent and semi-permanent eyebrows. One is the digital/mechanical device and the other is the Microblade hand tool. If you have worked with both, then you'll know what we're talking about.

The digital device is an expensive and fragile piece of equipment. If pigment is too thick, it can clog the needle cartridge and cause the machine to fail. The Microblade hand tool is basically a pen with a tiny configuration of needles on the end. If the pigment is too thin, it won't stay on the Microblade needles and will run down your client's face.

With that being said, we use our thinner pigment formula for machine use and we use the thicker pigment formula for hand tool use.

Why We Have Two Pigment Formulas for the same Colors

Two Different Layers of Skin

The secondary reason why it's important to have two different formulas is because Digital Brows and Microbladed brows are fundamentally different.

When using a digital or mechanical device to create permanent eyebrows, you'll be implanting pigment into the Dermis of the skin. When using a Microblading hand tool, you'll be scratching and applying the pigment into the Epidermis or surface of the skin.

Ink implanted in these two layers naturally heal differently. The deeper dermal layers hold the thinner pigment completely differently than the thicker pigment in the epidermis.

Why We Have Two Pigment Formulas for the same Colors

Avoiding Dilution

Technically speaking, you can take our Microblading Color Cremes and dilute them to be thin enough where it will flow properly in a digital machine. But consider the consequence of that.

If you dilute the thick pigment so much, you will eliminate the concentration of the color.

That's another reason why we specifically created 2 versions of the same color; so that you don't have to dilute pigment and lessen the vibrant color.


So we have two different eyebrow pigment formulas, one for machines/devices and one for microblade hand tools. There are 3 main reasons why we created two different formulas for the same colors.

  1. Two Completely Different Tools
  2. Two Completely Different Layers of Skin
  3. Avoiding the Negative Effects of Dilution