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Why Use Minx Mogul Pigments?

Are you looking for a new PMU and Microblading Pigment brand to try? If you've heard of Minx Mogul, then you need to read this blog post to find out more!

There are 3 main points we'll discuss in this blog post. Do Minx Mogul Pigments provide great results? Are Minx Mogul Pigments affordable? Can I rely on Minx Mogul customer service to help me get the most out of the Pigments?

Minx Mogul Pigment Results

We have been using our own line of pigments as professional Permanent Makeup Artists for over 30 years and we have a whole library of photo albums with our results.

But don't take our word for it! See what everyone else thinks! Visit our Pigment Gallery to see the collection of testimonials taken directly from social media!

Artists tag @minxmogul in their posts to share their beautiful work and many times even tell others exactly which colors they used!

At the time of this post, we have over 350 photos of artists all over the world who share their results using Minx Mogul pigments and products. It might take some time to go through the entire gallery, but you'll get an idea of what people think of Minx Mogul.

Cost Effective Solution

If you have tried a less expensive product, chances are you didn't get great color retention. The reason why a product as important as a pigment can be so inexpensive is because the formulation is heavily diluted. If you think you're saving a lot of money on pigments, then you're probably buying a lot of liquid and not a lot of real color.

What about other pigments that cost twice as much as Minx Mogul? Synthetic made pigments are expensive because they are costly to make. But just because something costs more money does not mean it is the best product. Synthetic pigments are only a recent advent in the PMU world and haven't been around as long as other time-tested formulas.

So where does Minx Mogul fit in? We sell a perfectly formulated iron oxide based pigment that is right in the middle of the price range. Our products are more expensive than other similar pigments because we have a rich concentration of color in our pigment to ensure your clients have superb retention. But our products are less expensive than synthetics because the cost of making our pigments is less than a synthetic. With Minx Mogul pigments, you're paying a reasonable amount of money for an amazing, trusted product.

Customer Service

Everyone knows how important customer service is and we take it seriously. No matter how big Minx Mogul becomes, we'll always take time to talk to you.

Color theory is of the utmost importance in this industry. If you're trying a new pigment, you might need help figuring out which colors to use on your clients.

Luckily for you, everyone has easy access to the information they need through the Resources we create for artists. If you need to learn more about using individual colors, check out our Pigment Catalog for detailed descriptions and tips on using the products. If you need to know about Microblading Modifiers, visit our Color Matching guide to see how a few drops of modifier can alter your pigments.

With every purchase of Minx Mogul Pigments through our website or through an official Distributor, you will receive a free Pigment Guide in your package. The Pigment Guide is a portable catalog with descriptions of all our pigments and tips so you'll always have a handy reference when working on clients.

If you still need help, then we're always available to talk! Give us a call at 888-779-8979 or email us at hello@minxmogul.com

Blog post photo courtesy of Ivonne Sanchez and BeautyMarket.ca