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Why Train With Minx Mogul Permanent Makeup Training Academy?

Minx Mogul Founder and CEO, Kathryn Alexander

The founder and CEO of Minx Mogul, Kathryn Alexander, has been in the permanent makeup industry for 30 years. Through her journey, she has been to many trainings and classes all across the country.  She has seen just about every fad, trend, product and training course available in Permanent Makeup over the years. Kathryn credits her success to the many incredible mentors that she has been privileged to have along the way. Kathryn has created Minx Mogul and their Training Academy around not only her experiences both good and bad, but she brings with her course outline the desire to see the students become extremely successful in the industry.

This is the “Mogul” part of the brand. The support does not stop the last day of class. She has seen many lives and families changed for the better by offering the skills in permanent makeup that provide the opportunity to make above average income, help others feel good about themselves and have fun doing both.

What Sets MM Training Apart From The Others?

What sets Minx Mogul apart in their training starts with a small intimate class setting. A room with 25-30 students does not have the impact on students like a small ratio of 3-4 students to 1 trainer. Because of our close interaction, our students work on live models in each of the procedures being taught. It is one thing to learn on practice skins and it is another to work on an actual client. Many of students leave with the experience of having their own procedure done to show off and to experience the Minx Mogul process for lasting beauty.

Minx Mogul provides all the forms needed to run your business. We teach how to greet the client, close them out with their aftercare kit and everything in between. We teach things that others over look such as how to handle a phone call inquiry so the client books every time, as well marketing tips to get those calls coming in from the start!

Minx Mogul brings to their students the finest products available. The team has experienced many different pigments, topicals, medical supplies, machines and more over the years and they bring all of this experience to offer a one stop supply shop for the ultimate products the artist will need to run their practice and provide the best results for their clients. MinxMogul.com is one click away for everything needed all in one place.

We know that our amazing industry is ever changing so we are committed to be on the cutting edge of new techniques and have the finest artists training each modality. We sometimes invite experts from all over to train selected courses here at Minx Mogul in their area of outstanding expertise.  Our own amazing education staff of qualified artists are always here for training and support. Students are given the best possible training for what they are looking to achieve in the industry.

What Our Students Are Saying

Everyone at Minx Mogul is committed to our Moguls success. We have testimonies from students that have been to other training over the years and never moved forward in their practice until Minx Mogul.

Beverly Campadona of Seibella Skincare in Laguna Beach, California writes:

I have taken 3 major classes for Permanent Makeup and what I learned at Minx Mogul was 1000% better than the other 2 well know classes. Kathryn and her team gave each student all the training, materials, supplies and forms for students to proceed with professional Permanent Eye Makeup application and business success. The kit and class were less expensive that what I had paid at both the other trainings. Minx Mogul products are top of the line in every way. From the pigments to the topicals and the machines, wow, I could not be more thrilled with the results on my clients. I give Kathryn Alexander and Minx Mogul 5 stars and I will say this was one of the best classes I have ever taken. It ranks with the Oncology Skin Care Training I received from Becky Kuehn from Oncology Spa Solutions.  I recently also attended their course in Micro Needling. Once again I am quickly adding a new service and revenue stream to my esthetic practice. Thank you, Minx Mogul, for all your training and support!