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The Mystery of the Pigment Bottles

A customer called us frantically and said, "Minx Mogul! You sent me green pigments instead of the brown colors I ordered!" Curious, we asked her which pigments she had.

"I have Coffee, Espresso, and Dark Chocolate...and all the bottles are green!"

So we asked her to open the bottles and smudge a drop of each on her hand. The phone was silent for a moment as she stared at the new pigment on her skin. "The colors are perfect, but the bottles are green. What happened?"

If you have ordered our pigments, you'll know that for the most part, the bottle represents the color inside. However, some bottles appear completely different from the actual pigment within.

Coffee, Espresso, Dark Chocolate

These three colors are the most interesting. In fact, they are the same three colors in the featured image for this blog post! Take a look at the pigment swatches and you'll see how rich and vibrant they are. But when you look at the bottles above them, the plastic containers seem unusually green.

Plastic Properties

Plastic bottles are manufactured in many different ways. Some plastic materials tend to stain easier than others. Some plastic materials have opalescent properties that appear with cooler colors than the contents inside. Some plastic materials refract light differently which can affect the appearance of the liquids therein.

Regardless of how a plastic bottle is made, it is still only a container. The color on the outside of the bottle does not affect the pigments inside as you can see from the featured image for this blog post.


If you order a pigment and receive a bottle that doesn't look anything like the photo of the swatch on the website, don't panic! Just shake the bottle, open the cap, and you'll find the rich colors you wanted!

Don't let the color of the bottle fool you! The true color is inside!