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How To Use Minx Mogul PMU Pigments

Our tried and true decades old formula is a Natural Iron Oxide based pigment that has been molecularly bonded during cooking.

Because of the natural properties of the pigments, they must be SHAKEN WELL before each use.

Your results are natural, true to color and will stand the test of time on your clients.

2 Amazing Formulas

Our classic Minx Mogul Monogram Formula is our thinner pigment to be used with a machine in the dermal layers of the skin. You'll see the pigment photos on the website with the image of the device in the upper right hand corner like the one here.

Minx Mogul PMU Formula

Our Microblading Color Creme is our thicker formula to be used with a hand tool in the epidermal layers of the skin. These pigments photos on the website will have the image of the eye and brow in the upper right hand corner.

Minx Mogul Microblading Formula

Minx Mogul Tips for Optimal Results!

Please follow these tips below to get the most use and best results from each bottle of pigment.

  1. Always shake each bottle well before each use.
  2. Make sure to keep the lid securely on the tip.
  3. If color dries while working, add a few drops of Hydrate It to remoisten the color.
  4. Snip the opening of the tip if needed to allow more flow of color.
  5. When you think there is no more pigment left, add a few drops of Hydrate It to the bottle and shake. There is more color inside!
  6. When using the lightest colors, always add just a few drops of a darker color for more intense color retention.
  7. Do not let the outside color of the bottle fool you! The true color is inside! Just shake, open, and look!

Color Matching

If you need help matching colors specifically for our Microblading Color Cremes, check out this webpage we created. Our Color Matching page will tell you how to use the Microblading Modifiers and provide more info on the color characteristics.

Customer Support

Whether you're using our PMU Formula or our Microblading Color Creme, you might need help figuring out which colors. Feel free to call, email, or direct message us on social media if you want to talk about color theory. We love helping our Moguls get the best results from our pigments.