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How To Use Hydrate It

If you're a Microblading Artist, then you have probably used pigments that were thick or dry. Don't worry! It's normal and we'll explain why!

There is a Solution

There is a cure for the dry pigment! Our Hydrate It, Pigment Hydration Formula is a small bottle of glycerin, alcohol, and distilled water. It's super simple and all you need is 1-5 drops to bring dry pigment back to the beautiful consistency you want to work with.

How Does It Work?

Our Minx Mogul Microblading Color Cremes are rich, Iron Oxide based pigments which can dry if you're working in a hot area. Sometimes the pigments can also dry if they are transported by aircraft and are subject to extreme temperatures and low humidity.

The Hydrate It formula simply restores the creamy, liquid texture of the pigment, just like water does for watercolor paint.

Without water or a liquid agent, watercolor paint will dry up. But upon wetting the dry paint, it will brush like new again. It's the same way for our pigments. If they are exposed to air or extreme temperatures for too long, they can dry, but adding a little Hydrate It will make it seem like a freshly poured bottle.

Which Pigments Need Hydrate It?

You will likely only use Hydrate It for our Microblading Color Cremes. We carry two pigment lines; our PMU line is for machine use only and our Microblading line is for manual hand tool use.

The Microblading pigments are naturally thicker because they work with manual hand tools. This makes them more susceptible to drying. You will likely never need Hydrate It for our PMU pigments because they are naturally thinner and not as susceptible to drying.

How Much Hydrate It Do I Use?

You will use 1-5 drops of Hydrate It depending on your bottle. If your pigment is very dry, then try 3 drops first and shake it. If you need more, then add 1 drop at a time until the pigment is the right consistency.

If your pigment is thick and you want to make it thinner, add 1-2 drops at a time and shake well. It's better to add a small amount first rather than adding too much.

Can I Use This For Shading?

Yes! Our Microblading pigments work very well for Shading or Microshading. If you have a shading tool, then use Hydrate It to dilute your pigment until it is thin enough for shading.

Always dilute the pigment in your pigment cup for shading so that you don't dilute the rest of your pigment that is in your bottle!