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How To Cover Up Faded Eyebrows

If you have personally or have seen others with faded brows, you are probably wondering what happened.

Why does she have gray/pink/blue eyebrows when her natural hair color is different?

The answer is that she had permanent makeup done on her eyebrows and the artist used an inferior pigment on her. Poorly made cosmetic tattoo pigments fade to unnatural colors over time and look unusual and conspicuous, which is the exact opposite of what any woman would want with permanent makeup!

Is there a way to cover up old permanent makeup on brows?

Yes! You can cover up old permanent eyebrows. Whether you choose microblading or powder/ombre brows, old faded permanent brows can be covered and made to look new again.

Note: There are certain circumstances in which you must decide what method to use to cover old brow tattoos.

Were the old, faded brows originally made by a machine (digital, coil, rotary)? If yes, then you want to use a digital machine to implant new pigment on top of the old pigment.

It is very difficult to Microblade over powder brows because permanent makeup done with a machine is implanted in the deeper layers of the dermis while Microblading only implants pigment in the upper layers of the Epidermis. For this reason, if you Microblade over powder/ombre brows, you will still see the old work underneath in the dermis.

Were the old, faded brows originally made by a hand tool (Microblading)? If yes, then you can cover up the work with either a digital device or with a hand tool (Microblading). Because Microblading is superficial, whatever work you do in the epidermis or dermis will be shown over old Microbladed brows.

How to cover up faded brows: Minx Mogul Case Study

In the gallery at the top of this post, you will see a before and after photo of the woman who needed old tattoo brows covered. She was a model for a Minx Mogul PMU/CIT training course and had all of the students work on recoloring her gray eyebrows.

Her eyebrows were originally powder brows so the students used a digital device to give her new powder brows over the old ones. To prevent these new brows from fading too cool to gray again, they used pigments with warm color characteristics to offset the naturally cool healing process.

The Minx Mogul students also reshaped her brows and gave her a more defined arch which, as you can see from the photo, frame her face beautifully and made her look much younger.

How to cover up faded brows: Process

In the photo gallery, you can see the process of how the students worked to cover up faded brows.

First, they started with the consultation. They asked the woman what she wanted in new brows and what had happened to the old ones. With that valuable information, they formulated an idea of what colors they would use on her.

Second, they mapped the brows with a pencil to create an outline of the shape they wanted to make. Once the shape looked good and even, they then numbed her and within 15 minutes, began to work.

Third, they used a digital machine to create new powder brows that would rest on top of the old powder brows. Working within the outline the students had stenciled, they made multiple passes over the skin to create hairstrokes that would fill in the old gray pigment.

Do You Want To Learn More?

The Minx Mogul team would be happy to talk to you about covering up old brow tattoos. Whether you want to become a permanent makeup artist or are someone who needs the procedure done yourself, contact us to find out more about covering up old brows!