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Are You Starting a PMU Training Academy?

So you're a licensed and certified PMU Artist and you found an opportunity to share your expertise with others. Starting your own Permanent Makeup Academy or working for an established PMU Training Business can be a very fulfilling career choice if you love to teach.

There is so much involved in starting a PMU Training Academy. You need to follow the guidelines of your local and state governing boards and agencies to ensure you protect yourself and your students by adhering to the pertinent laws.

Once you have all your paperwork and permits in order, you need products to provide your students during the training course. You'll need books, hand tools, devices, sterile supplies, pigments, and topical numbing anesthetics to provide the best possible hands-on education for your students.

You can probably find the products you need to teach the course, but they are often expensive unless you buy in bulk. When we say buying in bulk, we mean paying for a lot more product than you'll actually need to receive any discount. Unfortunately, it's not always fiancially feasible for a small PMU Training Academy to make such large orders. So this is where Minx Mogul comes in.

Quality Products, Favorable Prices

The Minx Mogul PMU Training Academy has been around for years and we have done well because we supply our own Pigments and Numbing products. We saved a lot of money by using the products we have been making for decades. But most PMU Teachers don't make their own Pigments and Topicals. We understand that and we don't want you to miss out on the opportunities we had.

If you are operating a legitimate PMU Training Academy and are teaching your students well, you can potentially qualify to receive special pricing on certain products to use for your training courses. Though we require minimum orders, they are easily manageable for both small and large Training Academies and won't break the bank.

What Products Can You Get?

If you want to supply your PMU Training Academy with products from Minx Mogul, you will have a great variety of products to choose from and receive nice discounts on.

The products we sell to PMU Training Academies include our Pigments, Topical Numbing Anesthetics, Microblading Mix Kits, The Art of Microblading Manual and DVD, and our Microblading Education Bundle. To see a more detailed list of all the products, visit our page about PMU Teaching Supplies.

Want To Learn More?

If you want to learn more about the pricing discounts we offer to PMU Training Academies and would like to carry our products, send us an email at hello@minxmogul.com.

We will provide you with more information about our products, our brand, and how you can qualify to carry Minx Mogul products in your Training Academy.