About Our Pigments

About Minx Mogul

Minx Mogul’s founder, Kathryn Alexander, has been performing and teaching permanent cosmetic tattooing for 30 years. She has performed permanent makeup on some of the most famous faces in the world and has mentored hundreds of artists throughout her career. She owes her success to having been mentored herself by some of the masters. It was by one of her amazing teachers that she was taught how to mix and cook the finest permanent makeup colors. Her high standard of ethics and knowledge of skin and tattooing has allowed her to offer the most tried and true formulas available today.

Minx Mogul is a new brand on the market but our pigments and topicals are not. We have been making and using our products for decades and have brought them to the market for artists longing to produce the most long lasting, natural permanent makeup available. Be sure to view our Minx Mogul Pigment Catalog to see all the great products!

About Our Pigments

We manufacture, sell, and distribute safe, superior products and powders made in the USA.

Some companies upsell cheap products in fancy packaging, but we use the highest quality raw materials while keeping costs low to help our artists do good business and provide amazing results. It is what's inside the bottle that counts.

Every Minx Mogul pigment is batch tested and labeled with an appropriate lot number (#) for quality control. Each bottle is shrink wrapped for safety.

Minx Mogul pigments are formulated from iron or titanium dioxides and stabilized in a base of alcohol, glycerin and sterilized water by a patented homogenizing/pasteurization process that ensures our colors are safe and remain true.

Minx Mogul has a professionally cultivated color palette. The need for 25 brow colors is not necessary. We keep our palette simple so that our colors can be easily mixed to ensure a perfect match for everyone.

Because we have been making these colors for decades, they have stood the test of time and will not oxidize to unsightly undertones. With proper tattooing techniques, these colors will fade gradually and naturally. Despite claims, pigments not containing iron oxides have not passed the test of time. Don’t be fooled…time will tell!

We stand behind our product. Call us anytime if you have a question or concern. We are here for you.