3 Day PMU Eyebrow/Liner

Minx Mogul 3 Day Brow and Liner Training Course

Are you interested in starting a new career or even adding a new skill to your existing practice? If you answered yes, then you're in luck!

Here at Minx Mogul we are proud to offer superior training using only the finest products as well as the latest technology in digital devices. Our classes are small so that we can assure you get the one-on-one attention that you deserve so that you can move forward in your new rewarding career.

Our training will not only teach you the most effective way to create the most natural Eyebrows and Eyeliner, we also have industry professionals to share marketing techniques to help you rock your business. Our Health Department Inspector is there to answer any questions you might have to ensure you pass your health inspection and keep you and your clients safe.

Learn From Experienced Teachers

You will learn from our master artist, Kathryn Alexander who has over 30 years experience in Permanent Makeup. We also have guest trainers who have mastered areas of this amazing industry that will be featured throughout our courses.

When you're ready to sign up for the course, you can email us at TrainMe@minxmogul.com or call us at 888-779-8979

3 Day Brow and Liner Training Course Details

This 3 Day Brow and Liner Training Course includes everything from beginning theory to advanced practice. You'll get hands-on experience and one-on-one attention from Kathryn Alexander throughout the class. Here is the full list of details for the class:

  • 3 Full Days
  • Eyebrows & Eyeliner
  • Maximum 6 Students
  • 1 Trainer to 3 Student Ratio
  • Learn Shaping and Brow Design
  • Color Theory Made Easy
  • Powder/Feather Brow Techniques
  • Intro to Microblading
  • Master the Smiling Eyeliner
  • The Art of the Consultation
  • Work on Practice Skin and Live Models
  • Protocol & Electronic Copies of Intake and Release Forms
  • Importance of an Aftercare Kit
  • Health Department Standards
  • We offer a 6-month mentorship via text or emails for our students.

Income Potential for Permanent Makeup Artists

Here are some conservative income numbers that a professional Permanent Makeup Artist can make once trained. We love to see our students achieve success.

At $450.00 per procedure x 4 per week. $1,800.00 per week= $93,600.00 yearly!

At $550.00 per procedure x 4 per week. $2,200.00 per week= $110,000.00 yearly!

At $650.00 per procedure x 4 per week. $2,600.00 per week= $135,200.00 yearly!

Minx Mogul not only trains you to give amazing results to your clients but we show you how to run a successful practice. This includes Health and Safety protocols, intake forms, aftercare procedures and kits, educating your clients on all aspects of PMU as well as providing tips on how you can market your business.

We take you through phone consults in person consults, greeting your clients, going over intake forms, as well as aftercare and follow up. Our low-cost marketing tips will help ensure you stand out in your practice.

We believe in small class sizes so you get one on one instruction. We still keep training affordable.

Most businesses take approximately 2 years to see any profits. With the proper PMU Training, profits can happen in less than a month. We have seen it happen!

Remember your training and equipment and supplies are a tax write off for most. Please consult your accountant or tax professional to help with your business planning.

Training Course Requirements

*You must have your Blood Borne Pathogen Certification to qualify to take this course. If you are not BBP Certified yet, we will walk you through it before your class.

Email us at TrainMe@minxmogul.com or call us at 888-779-8979 for more information on how to become BBP Certified!

Goodies To Get You Started

We at Minx Mogul genuinely want to help our students succeed. To help you get started, we offer our CIT Product Kit at as part of our training course package.

Training with Machine and Product Kit is: $4,664.00.

If you already have the equipment for the Brow and Liner Training Course, you may use your own tools which that would lower your kit price.

PMU Brow and Liner Product Kit Includes

  • Patented Digital PMU Machine
  • 2 Boxes Needle Cartridges
  • 3 Full size Brow Pigments
  • 1 Full Size Eyeliner Pigment
  • Minx Mogul Microblading Color Crème Kit
  • 8 Microblading Colors
  • 1 Numbing Tattoo Candy Cream
  • 1 Numbing Tattoo Candy Gel
  • 1 Numbing Microcaine
  • 1 Microblading Tool
  • 2 Sizes Micro Blades
  • Stencil Pencil
  • Practice Sheet
  • Minx Mogul Apron
  • Permanent Makeup Manual
  • Minx Mogul Carry Bag
  • Certificate of Course Completion

Kit includes enough product to produce over $20,000.00 in revenue!

Want To Learn More?

Feel free to email us at TrainMe@minxmogul.com or by call our customer service line at 888-779-8979 for more information on our Training Courses.

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